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Practical Proverbs for Younger Students

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Practical Proverbs for Younger Students is geared towards your 4th – 8th grader.

This book has 36 lessons including background information from Proverbs, setting some underlying foundational truths of the book, and exploring topics present in Proverbs such as self- esteem, modesty, accepting rebuke, respecting parents, keeping a pure mind and heart and more.  After each interactive lesson there is 1-2 fun worksheets for your student to apply the principle used - crossword puzzles, unscramble the words, craft projects, even an obstacle course!

This study is suitable for individual or group study.  Bible memory is included.  Separate worksheets are available for additonal students.

Curriculum Reviews

Practical Proverbs Older Student review  


Practical Proverbs Younger Student review

Read to the bottom of page.  The younger student review is listed as Another Review at the bottom of the first review.

Practical Proverbs for Younger and Older Students now in KJV & NAS versions.  Answer keys also now available for both.

Practical Proverbs for Older Students

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Practical Proverbs for Older Students is a high school level Bible study. It is being used in youth groups, Sunday schools, for family devotions, and homeschool curriculum. The foundation is the book of Proverbs. The first part of the book covers Proverbs 1 through 9 and contrasts foolishness and wisdom, encouraging the student to make wise choices.The second part of the book is a topical study (Proverbs 10-31) and includes relationships, handling money, pride, work ethic, and more. This curriculum includes text, application activities, discussion questions, Bible memorization, charts, and a list of suggested books to read.

Curriculum Personal Testimonials

"This book was shared with me by a friend, and I think it is terrific.  It is what we strive to teach our children daily.  It is a great format for our family devotions.  Thanks for taking the time to write such a practical and useful book."



"First of all let me say again how much your course enriched our lives. (am I sounding to flowery?)

Before I took this course, I was rather lazy with my Bible reading. Now I’m on a schedule to read the Bible in a year. Your wisdom helped make the Bible interesting.

Another thing I enjoyed was the discussion questions. These helped strengthen my relationship with my parents.My favorite chapter was probably the last one, the one about the names of God. I loved your insight on this subject.  God has all these names and each one can be a reality in our lives.

The chapters on marriage were some more favorites. I now am “on the lookout”  for godly girls. Not just “Oh, she homeschools (or goes to church) so she must be okay.”

The contentious woman chapter was an eye-opener. I know some contentious women and have always felt awkward around them. I thought it was just me, but I read the chapter and thought “Hmmmm, so these awkward feelings happen to be biblical.)


If you ever come out with a new edition you could put  in some of the ‘Girly’ lessons that in Jewish culture every Sabbath evening the husband would read his wife Proverbs 31.


Thank you for writing this amazing curriculum,"

Spenser 16 yr old
"Thank you so, so much, Dara! ....  I think you're totally right about him exploring his beliefs while still at home -- there is so much comfort in knowing that this could lead to a strong foundation later.  Thanks for your prayers.  Thank you for following God's leading in the writing of this study.  I'll keep you posted..."